What is Roswell Escapes? 

Roswell Escapes provides you with an extraordinary opportunity to experience the mysteries surrounding the 1947 Roswell Incident. You, along with your family, friends, or complete strangers, must solve a series of puzzles, decipher a series of clues, and apply logic and reasoning to escape from each of the Roswell Escapes scenarios. Once your group is locked in the room, the clock starts counting down and you will have exactly one hour to escape.

When are you open? Where are you located?


Roswell Escapes is open every day of week by appointment. Special arrangements can be made for special occasions and large groups by contacting theinsider@roswellescapes.com or via telephone at (575) 208-4968.

During spring break and the summer, and during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Roswell Escapes is open during the day, Monday through Saturday for walk-in bookings!

The best way to see what times are available is to click on Book Now and look up the date you're interested in!


Roswell Escapes is located at 114 S. Main in downtown Roswell, New Mexico, approximately one block south of the Roswell UFO Museum.


Public parking is available on either side of Main Street and curbside. A number of visitors to Roswell park north of Roswell Escapes and enjoy strolling about the various shops, museums, and attractions. Please come and enjoy!

How do we play?

This sounds great! How do we book a room?

Go to www.roswellescapes.com and click on "Book a Room". There, you will see the available dates, times, and group sizes available.

How much does This Incredible Adventure Cost?

$90 per person? $60 per person? No! For the low, low price of between $20-$30 per person, you will experience a one-of-a-kind adventure in a one-of-a-kind scenario.

Roswell Escapes rooms may only be booked with a valid credit card. Cash and checks are not accepted. If you are lucky enough to have a discount or promotional code, you can use it here.

When should we arrive for our game?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your game is scheduled. Before your game begins you will have an opportunity to freshen up and have one of our Game Insiders brief you on your scenario. You will not be allowed to join a game already in progress.

What should we bring?

Your wits! Everything else your group needs to escape will be inside your scenario. However, if your vision is less than perfect, you may benefit from a set of reading glasses so that you can read small print.

What Shouldn't We Bring?

Cell phones and cameras are not permitted and you will be removed if you're observed using one. Roswell Escapes provides lockers in the lobby to store your electronics and other personal items.

Grouchy and unpleasant people are also frowned upon.

What if we escape?

You'll have bragging rights recognized across the galaxy and will be confident that the next time an alien horde invades this planet you'll be able to escape the inevitable apocalypse.

What if we don't escape?

That's hard to say. You might be probed. You might get gassed in order to prevent an alien contaminant from escaping into the wild. Perhaps you'll be locked in a secret off-the-books government prison for the rest of your life. But you will have a story to tell your friends.

Are we really locked in a room?

No, not "really." During your game you can leave to use the restroom, to do some push-ups, or to do whatever else tickles your fancy. You are encouraged not to leave the room! But remember, once the game starts, the clock doesn't stop.

Who can we play with?

How many people can play?

Roswell Escapes' rooms are best experienced with between 2-8 players, and we try to fill the room completely for each game. As a general rule, the game is better when played with others.

What is the Age Limit for Players?

Roswell Escapes is designed for ages 13+. Players younger than 16 require a parent or guardian in the room.

Church Groups and Corporate Team Building

Roswell Escapes provides your church group or business team a unique opportunity to learn to rely upon one another and work together to solve challenging puzzles. If you would like to reserve a room or create a unique team-building experience, please email us at theinsider@roswellescapes.com.

Will there be other people we don't know playing with us?

There could be. Roswell Escapes tries to fill each room with up to eight people. If there are strangers in the room when you begin, they won't be when you're done.

Roswell Escapes rooms are best experienced with 4-8 players.

But I want to play alone!

You can purchase as many tickets to one of our games as you want, including all eight.

Is it scary? Is it dangerous?

Roswell Escapes is not scary, but you may find that the adventure creates a sense of thrilling tension.

Roswell Escapes is never dangerous. Your group is never actually locked in a room, and your escape attempt is monitored by our Game Insiders via closed-circuit video cameras.

Roswell Escapes is fun for all ages.

Is there anything to do before or after our game?

You bet! Roswell has a number of great places nearby to get coffee, food, and drinks. You can check them out here. Remember to give yourself enough time to get to your game 15 minutes early. Also, Roswell Escapes does not admit intoxicated people.

After your game, we recommend you visit one of Roswell's fine establishments to talk about your experience!