The Lobby

Your adventure begins in our lobby! For those new to escape rooms, and to help exercise the mind of the more seasoned adventurer, your experience begins when your Game Insider poses the first puzzle to your group: discover the code to leave the lobby and play your game!

The Source

In 1939, Dr. Jubal Taggert, PhD, a brilliant physicist, was recruited to work for the United States of America's Magic program decrypting the new Japanese code PURPLE. After the first atomic bomb was tested at the Trinity Site, Dr. Taggert was suddenly flown to Los Alamos, New Mexico, to begin decrypting a new code from an unknown radio transmission. Fearing that the Manhattan Project had been compromised, Dr. Taggert's team was ordered to break the code and locate the source of the transmission. Dr. Taggert's report to Colonel Leslie Groves noted that he had broken the code but, cryptically, that it was neither ally nor enemy monitoring the project. Colonel Groves immediately fired Dr. Taggert and classified the report and his work. Blacklisted from the military, industry, and academics, Dr. Taggert disappeared into the high desert of Southeastern New Mexico.

You have recently received a mysterious notebook containing a map to Dr. Taggert's remote and long-closed high desert cabin and an enigmatic key. Can you solve the mystery of The Source?

Biohazard - Now Open!

Six years after Walker Air Force Base was commissioned in Roswell, New Mexico, the base became embroiled in the most famous encounter in history. Twenty years after the Roswell UFO incident, Walker Air Force Base was mysteriously closed despite having been the largest base of the United States Strategic Air Command. Despite being abandoned, a curious number of military personnel and scientific researchers remained to work at Walker Research, LLC. One researcher, Dr. Elizabeth Sculder, PhD, has been overheard muttering about her father's "three sisters program" and "don't forget the code." Some believe that Dr. Sculder's research may shake the foundations of our world.

Disguised as the new cleaning crew, you have penetrated the Walker Research complex and stumbled upon a secure biological research facility. Disaster awaits you and the world if you cannot escape Contamination!

Hard Time - Coming Soon!

Your investigation of the Roswell UFO Incident has been discovered. Black SUVs and helicopters descended upon you in the middle of the night without warning. Before you could react, canisters of sleeping gas rendered you unconscious. You awake to find yourself locked in a jail cell with no apparent means of escape. Your memory begins to return and you see images in your mind of unnatural experiments being performed upon unwilling subjects. Subjects that looked a lot like you.

Unless you can escape, you may learn that there are worse things than doing Hard Time.

Revelations - Coming Soon!

In a secret hospital complex below Roswell, New Mexico, you will face a revelation that will shake you to your core.